Thursday, June 23, 2016

Next: What is a Reformed church?

There is great confusion today over the Church in the modern times, even among Christians. Why are there so many different churches and denominations even though Christians worship the same God? And what exactly is a "Reformed" church, and why should I bother?

It is to these questions that I would like to look at in the next couple of posts. Does church matter? What is a "Reformed" church, and why does it even matter? Isn't Christianity all about following Jesus, so why should I care about all the other stuff? After all, I'm no theologian, aren't I?

[This series will follow the structure of Pastor Daniel Hyde's book Welcome to a Reformed Church, but for a different context, even a change in content, and hopefully simpler. Rev Hyde is the pastor of Oceanside United Reformed Church, and anyone who lives near there is welcome to visit them on Sunday to worship God.]

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